Project Z03: Longitudinal determination of resilience in humans to identify mechanisms of resilience to modern- life stressors

Principal Investigators

Prof. Dr. Andreas Reif

Chair, Full Professor (W3) for Psychiatry

Prof. Dr. Klaus Lieb

Professor and Director of Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy

Project Team

Project Team:
Dr. Andrea Chmitorz, Postdoc
Nele Goldbach, PhD student
Rebecca Horstmann, PhD student
Karolina Kurth, PhD student
Dr. Silke Matura, Postdoc
Lennart Mayer-Eckardt, MD student
Lara Mey, PhD student
Melanie Partmann, MD student
Rike Rogall, MD student
Jennifer Stützer, MD student

Internal Advisory Board:
Prof. Dr. Christian Fiebach
Prof. Dr. Raffael Kalisch
Prof. Dr. Beat Lutz
Prof. Dr. Oliver Tüscher
Prof. Dr. Michèle Wessa

Our Research

To characterize individuals for their resilience score(s) over time and to provide these individuals to several subprojects is the main goal of this project. We will collect a well and multi-modally phenotyped sample of subjects that are healthy at study entry (T1) and in which we then perform high-frequency (three-monthly) stressor monitoring. After the first in-depth follow-up at t=18 months (T2), we will stratify subjects as a function of their RT2 scores and allocate them to several CRC subprojects. As a genuine scientific aim, Z03 subjects will undergo a core neuropsychological test battery at study entry (T1) and each follow-up (T2, T3, etc.) as a longitudinal large-scale study on mechanisms of resilience to modern-day life stressors.


Merker S, Reif A, Ziegler GC, Weber H, Mayer U, Ehlis AC, Conzelmann A, Johansson S, Müller-Reible C, Nanda I, Haaf T, Ullmann R, Romanos M, Fallgatter AJ, Pauli P, Strekalova T, Jansch C, Vasquez AA, Haavik J, Ribasés M, Ramos-Quiroga JA, Buitelaar JK, Franke B, Lesch KP (2017) SLC2A3 single-nucleotide polymorphism and duplication influence cognitive processing and population-specific risk for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. J Child Psychol Psychiatry 58(7):798-809.

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Kalisch R, Baker DG, Basten U, Boks MP, Bonanno GA, Brummelman E, Chmitorz A, Fernàndez G, Fiebach CJ, Galatzer-Levy I, Geuze E, Groppa S, Helmreich I, Hendler T, Hermans EJ, Jovanovic T, Kubiak T, Lieb K, Lutz B, Müller MB, Murray RJ, Nievergelt CM, Reif A, Roelofs K, Rutten BPF, Sander D, Schick A, Tüscher O, Van Diest I, van Harmelen A-L, Veer IM, Vermetten E, Vinkers CH, Wager TD, Walter H, Wessa M, Wibral M, Kleim B (2017) The resilience framework as a strategy to combat stress-related disorders. Nat Hum Behav 1:784-90.

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Schartner C, Scholz CJ, Weber H, Post A, Freudenberg F, Grünewald L,  Reif A (2017) The regulation of tetraspanin 8 gene expression-A  potential new mechanism in the pathogenesis of bipolar disorder. Am J Med Genet B Neuropsychiatr Genet 174(7):740-750.

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