Project C05: Cognitive emotion regulation in the face of stress

Principal Investigators

Prof. Dr. Michèle Wessa

Professor (W3), Head of the Department of Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychology

Project Team

Dr. Giannis Lois, Postdoc
Magdalena Sandner, PhD student
Peter Zeier, PhD student

Our Research

Cognitive reappraisal is an effective emotion regulation strategy that can be considered a key resilience mechanism. Yet, there is a research gap with respect to the question how and through which mechanisms cognitive reappraisal is impaired by circumstantial stressors (e.g., social evaluative stress). In C05 we will 1) investigate stress-related neural correlates of cognitive reappraisal with a particular emphasis on the related dynamics of endocrine stress responses, 2) identify individual differences in neurobiological, endocrine and behavioral measures predicting successful reappraisal under stress with the aim to 3) test these identified predictors as putative resilience mechanisms.


Kalisch R, Baker DG, Basten U, Boks MP, Bonanno GA, Brummelman E, Chmitorz A, Fernàndez G, Fiebach CJ, Galatzer-Levy I, Geuze E, Groppa S, Helmreich I, Hendler T, Hermans EJ, Jovanovic T, Kubiak T, Lieb K, Lutz B, Müller MB, Murray RJ, Nievergelt CM, Reif A, Roelofs K, Rutten BPF, Sander D, Schick A, Tüscher O, Van Diest I, van Harmelen A-L, Veer IM, Vermetten E, Vinkers CH, Wager TD, Walter H, Wessa M, Wibral M, Kleim B (2017) The resilience framework as a strategy to combat stress-related disorders. Nat Hum Behav 1:784-90.

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