Project C06: Seeing the good more than the bad: Neural mechanisms of positivity biases in information processing and their role for resilience

Principal Investigators

Dr. Ulrike Basten

Postdoctoral researcher

Prof. Dr. Christian Fiebach

Professor, Department of Psychology

Project Team

Our Research

C06 will investigate the neural mechanisms underlying positivity biases in cognitive processing using three established cognitive paradigms to assess positivity biases in attention, interpretation, and decision making. fMRI will be used to (a) identify neural mechanisms explaining individual differences in behaviorally expressed cognitive bias and (b) investigate chances in neural mechanisms following the experimental induction of positivity bias by a cognitive bias modification training. We will further investigate whether positivity biases in cognitive and neural processing are maintained or activated under stress and relate neural markers of positivity bias to success in emotion regulation (C05), extinction learning (B01), and resilience outcome (Z03).


Kalisch R, Baker DG, Basten U, Boks MP, Bonanno GA, Brummelman E, Chmitorz A, Fernàndez G, Fiebach CJ, Galatzer-Levy I, Geuze E, Groppa S, Helmreich I, Hendler T, Hermans EJ, Jovanovic T, Kubiak T, Lieb K, Lutz B, Müller MB, Murray RJ, Nievergelt CM, Reif A, Roelofs K, Rutten BPF, Sander D, Schick A, Tüscher O, Van Diest I, van Harmelen A-L, Veer IM, Vermetten E, Vinkers CH, Wager TD, Walter H, Wessa M, Wibral M, Kleim B (2017) The resilience framework as a strategy to combat stress-related disorders. Nat Hum Behav 1:784-90.

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