Project C03: Psychological Flexibility as Active Resilience Mechanism: Neurocognitive Mechanisms and Dopaminergic Mediation

Principal Investigators

Prof. Dr. Christian Fiebach

Professor, Department of Psychology

Prof. Dr. Mathias Schreckenberger

Professor, Head of the Department of Nuclear Medicine

Project Team

Our Research

There exists substantial conceptual imprecision concerning the specific aspects of flexibility that promote resilience and their underlying neurobiological mechanisms. C03 will explore (i) the common and distinct neural bases of different facets of psychological flexibility (i.e., cognitive vs. affective vs. feedback-based flexibility), (ii) potential mechanistic links between psychological flexibility and the brain’s response to stress (particularly dopamine-neurochemistry measured with Positron Emission Tomography), (iii) whether or not psychological flexibility can be maintained or even increased following stress, and (iv) to what degree resilience outcome can be predicted by (behavioral or neural) markers of psychological flexibility.