We Are The Collaborative Research Center CRC 1193, Funded By The german Research Foundation DFG

As a team of neuroscientists, psychologists, and clinicians based in Mainz and Frankfurt we try to understand what keeps people standing even if life hits them hard.

Blog: Spiegel wissen, Tachles Videocast and many more

Please check out the latest interviews with Michèle Wessa and Raffael Kalisch about resilience, the corona pandemic and crisis management

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Please check out CRC 1193 deputy spokesperson Raffael Kalisch in Germanys most read magazine "Apotheken Umschau"

DynaCORE study: First data and preprint

Please check out the first empirical insights from Europe about mental resilience in the corona lockdown

DynaCORE: the DynaMORE study on psychological responses to the Corona pandemic

In the time of crisis, knowledge about mechanisms of psychological coping is particularly valuable. Please support this international survey by participating and by sharing with colleagues and friends: bit.ly/DynaCORE-C.

Coronavirus pandemic: recommendations to strengthen mental health

The 10 key recommendations for strengthening mental healthduring the coronavirus pandemic by our CRC colleagues.


Resilience is the maintenance or quick recovery of mental health during and after periods of adversity. Resilience is no trait, no destiny, and no magic pill but ...

Projects: Broader insights - Lora Resilience Study Mainz/Ffm

Takes a uniquely wide view: The Longitudinal Resilience Assessment (LORA) runs a population-wide study with over 1000 individuals from all age ranges.

Projects: Deeper insights - Mainz Resilience Project

Maybe the longitudinal study on resilience with the deepest interdisciplinary insight at present: The Mainzer Resilienz Projekt (MARP) focuses on young adults in the critical transition into adulthood and work life.

6th International Symposium on Resilience Research 2020:

Sept. 23-24, 2020, Mainz, Germany

The meeting covers latest developments and breakthroughs in stress resilience research, both in animal models and in human studies. One focus this year will be the question of potential positive effects of adversity, strengths that individuals might develop under stress, inoculation, mastery, self-efficacy.